About Us

About: MAKEPOP and What We Do?

There’s so much possibility in beauty: reinventing your look, creating the best version of yourself, nourishing and caring for your skin and hair. But now there’s a new possibility - investing in sustainable, beautifully-crafted products to care for the environment as well as yourself.

We are MAKEPOP, the first-ever Canadian online beauty marketplace offering choice for the conscious consumer.

We believe in slow beauty. You might have heard of slow fashion - ethically-made garments with a clear, accountable manufacturing process and materials - and slow beauty upholds the same ideals.

We believe in intelligently sourced ingredients that are sustainable.

We believe in packaging which is low-impact and designed to leave the smallest footprint possible.

We believe in uncomplicated products which really work, and which have been thoughtfully crafted to suit your needs, without creating excess waste or adding unnecessary ingredients.

At MAKEPOP we know the value of beauty - of the simple joy of skincare that feels like self-care. We know the power of makeup and how browsing a makeup store can hold anticipation and excitement for the version of yourself you choose to create. We know how beauty products can transform your mood or elevate a special moment to something that feels or smells or looks just right.

That’s why we work with carefully selected indie brands to bring you a curated range of products which are as effective as they are sustainable. The brands we bring together at MAKEPOP are all chosen purposefully to fit these ideals, and your needs, perfectly.

They’re independent brands, so we know they’re committed to the values we admire in them - and their products are made with care and attention, every step of the way. No giant corporations or ruthless corner-cutting here: just beautifully simple products.

We’re proud to work with a range of brands who represent our vision for beauty: slow, sustainable, effective, and trustworthy. We know you’ll love them as much as we do.